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Falling for the Fake Anti-Virus Trick

At TNS we’ve had a lot of people falling for the old Fake Antivirus trick lately, where a virus/Trojan will make itself look like antivirus software in order to infect. The advice screenshots look somewhat legitimate, but don’t be fooled! If you click on these it will activate the virus and generally put your computer [...]


Don’t Help the Hacker

Using WiFi? Great, isn’t it!! It’s just SO convenient – don’t need to plug your laptop in…. use it anywhere – in a café, in the train… anywhere in your house. There is just ONE little catch – so can anyone else….! The person at the next table, the guy in his car outside your [...]


Worm Got Your Bird?

Worms can reach, grab and munch up your data from many directions. For example, from mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, etc. Do your security procedures protect your data from attack through the personal devices and laptops that get taken home each night? Is your critical data secured with start-up passwords? Is it encrypted? Is [...]


Is Your Business Insurance Current?

Could you cope if you lost all your computerised business records? If your file server crashed, how long could you survive with no customer or supplier records, and no banking or cashbook details? What if you had a fire? Would your business be able to carry on? Do you just back up your “data” only, [...]


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