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Alerts, be warned!

BEWARE! Virus Alerts!

Is your anti virus/anti spyware software current?

Are you aware that if your maintenance contract has expired, then you are missing out on downloading important daily updates?

TNS has recently noticed two major malware packages that have affected our clients.

Firstly, security companies worldwide have reported alerts about a new computer virus circulating as an attachment to emails purporting to originate from the “UPS Packet Service.” The warning is authentic. The virus is real.

The bogus Packet Service messages claim an email sent by the user was undeliverable due to an incorrect address. The user is instructed to open an attachment containing a copy of the invoice. The attachment actually contains a virus which may infect the user’s computer.

As a general rule, Internet users should always be wary of opening unknown file attachments, and maintain up-to-date antivirus protection on their computers at all times.

Text of the UPS alert: Attention Virus Warning

We have become aware there is a fraudulent email being sent that says it is coming from UPS and leads the reader to believe that a UPS shipment could not be delivered. The reader is advised to open an attachment reportedly containing a waybill for the shipment to be picked up.

This e-mail attachment contains a virus. We recommend that you do not open the attachment, but delete the email immediately.

UPS may send official notification messages on occasion, but they rarely include attachments. If you receive a notification message that includes an attachment and are in doubt about its authenticity, please contact

Please note that UPS takes its customer relationships very seriously, but cannot take responsibility for the unauthorized actions of third parties.

Thank you for your attention.

The other nasty piece of spyware floating the worldwide web currently is the Antivirus XP 2008 application that is promoted and downloaded automatically by redirecting your internet browser to its predefined website.

XP Antivirus is a fake antivirus software program. This program is typically known to infect a computer just after performing an install of specific video codec. This corrupted video codec is usually distributed with a Trojan, Malware and Virus. It is crucial to remove all the components of XP Antivirus and all malware and trojans such as zlob.trojan, trojan.vundo and trojan.downloader that may have been installed along with it.

If you want to discuss your security requirements please call Total Network Support on 1300 867 867.

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