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Are you ready for Windows 7?

You told Microsoft what you wanted. And also what you didn’t. They listened and developed hundreds of little improvements and a few big ones that really add up, frankly, to a whole lot less.
What is Windows 7?

Windows 7 is the newest operating system of the Windows client. Built on the significant technical advances created for Windows Vista and Windows Server® 2008, Windows 7 offers you increased stability, security, flexibility and control.

  • Do you currently run Windows XP?
  • Have you purchased PC’s and downgraded them to Windows XP, but now want to take advantage of the reliability, compatibility and security features on Windows 7?
  • Do you require a mobile workforce?

To run a productive business you need a PC that is responsive and ready, helps you and your employees be more productive, and offers greater protection from security threats.

Why Windows 7?

1. Employee productivity

Things just seem to happen faster with Windows 7. While start up and shut down times haven’t reduced noticeably, opening files (particularly recent documents) and using Microsoft Office is much faster – and compared to Vista you’ll notice a lot less of those nonsense pop-up messages. If you’re using a smaller notebook with less power, you’ll notice an even more significant lift in performance.

2. Using two documents at the same time

Windows 7 is great for editing two Word documents, comparing two excel files, or having both your internet browser and email displayed on the screen simultaneously. In previous versions it was difficult to re-size two windows to fit nicely next to each other but with the Windows 7 “Aero Snap” function you can position two adjacent windows with a very simple click and drag of the mouse.

If you find yourself using the Aero Snap function then you should know that this works best on widescreen flat panel monitors, so if you don’t have a widescreen now might be the right time to upgrade.

3. Sharing files between multiple computers

If your business runs a small group of computers then we think you’ll love the HomeGroups feature. HomeGroups is a really simple, new method of creating a network between multiple computers without the need for a server or a techie to set it up. Previous versions of Windows made this really difficult, but now you can share files, printers, media and more with only a few mouse clicks. No more USB memory keys or emails to share large files within your team!

In summary

  • Windows 7 is a lot faster than XP and Vista. We estimate a saving of 20-30 mins per person per day because everything works that bit quicker.
  • You don’t need to buy a new PC to run it. Windows 7 is less “resource hungry” than Vista and requires a minimum 1GHz processor, 1GB memory (RAM) & 16GB hard disk space. If you’re running 512mb RAM then a TNS engineer can come on-site and install it for you.
  • Vista Business and XP Professional users should upgrade to the equivalent Windows 7 Professional Edition.
  • Vista and XP compatible programs will also work on Windows 7. However, if you plan to run your XP compatible software on Windows 7, make sure you buy the Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate Editions because the Home Premium edition does not support XP backwards compatibility.
  • If you’re running XP or Vista you can upgrade for between $200 and $400 per computer (except Home version upgrades). Earlier models will pay full price for v7. Better pricing is available for companies with Microsoft volume license agreements.
    Windows works the way you want. Windows 7 Professional keeps up with the way you work. A PC that is responsive and ready, helps you be more productive, and offers greater protection from security threats.

    See how Windows 7 Professional can benefit your small business, call TNS for an obligation free quote.

    Call TNS on 1300 867 867 to discover how Windows 7 can benefit your business .

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