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Backup Services

Backups are probably the most important, but frequently most neglected, part of any IT Infrastructure. By installing a reliable backup solution in your network, you can ensure that your organisation will survive the worst possible disaster.

But what solution should be installed in your network?

This is where the experience of Total Network Support comes into its own. We have been recommending & installing backup solutions since 1992 and we know what your organisation needs.

Your business might require a single backup device on site with backups being kept off site, or it could need a fully distributed backup to the remote TNS backup servers. No matter your requirements, we can work it out for you in the most efficient way.
Contact Total Network Support to discuss your backup solutions.

Batman Hill on Collins

“Being in the hospitality business, our business depends on our booking system: it’s crucial to the way we conduct business and how our customers contact us.

Our IT support organisation, Total Network Support, suggested we implement ShadowProtect as our primary backup / disaster recovery application.

Just a few weeks later our main server crashed on the Thursday of the AFL Grand Final Week – losing all the booking details for 190 rooms. As we had just installed this product, Total Network Support had us up and going again in half a day, with no lost data…

We absolutely recommend StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect, as with our previous nightly tape-based backup system, and using normal restoration and recovery procedures, we could well have been offline for at least two days, as well as losing all bookings since the previous night’s tape-based backup.

I recommend the StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect solution to everyone in the hospitality industry, it certainly saved us.”

Yann Duroselle ��� Executive General Manager

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