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Citrix Presentation Server now named XenApp

Citrix XenApp™ (the new name for Citrix Presentation Server), enables you to reduce the cost of delivering applications both remotely and internally by centralising applications and data within the one location. Application virtualisation is the principal technology that enables this simplified and consolidated control, selecting the best method to provide your data based on the user, application & location.

XenApp allows you to deliver secure applications as a service, providing on-demand access to users. This provides several benefits that make it a strategic system for application delivery.

  • Remote office connectivity—Provide users at remote branches, offices and other locations secure access quickly to all resources. Accelerate business integration after mergers and acquisitions, particularly for distributed branch offices and workers with Citrix application delivery solutions.
  • Workforce Mobility — Deliver high-performing application access to mobile workers, over any network — wired and wireless, public and private, dedicated and dial-up. Citrix Smooth Roaming™ ensures continuous access, when users roam between devices, networks or locations—even across wireless dead zones.
  • Business Continuity — Keep business operational during planned or unplanned outages. Enable workers to access business-critical systems from any remote location on any Web-enabled device. Perform application maintenance with no impact to end users. For multi-site deployments, redirect users to alternate sites when regularly accessed sites are unavailable. Recover from disasters sooner and easier through centralised application delivery, and eliminate time-consuming and costly desktop rebuilds.
  • Server Consolidation — Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and ease IT management by reducing data center infrastructure. Leverage new technologies like 64-bit computing platforms to significantly increase user density per server and application performance. Manage and control applications and the servers centrally, to reduce IT costs and increase productivity.
  • Regulatory Compliance — Comply with government and industry regulations faster while reducing associated costs. Increase access security, better control application delivery, maintenance, and upgrades, centralise monitoring and reporting, increase IT productivity and reduce auditing time and costs.
  • Business Process Outsourcing — Quickly enable secure and less costly outsourcing of business processes. Maintain applications and data in your data center while providing secure remote access to outsourcing service providers, supporting regulatory compliance. Enable service providers to use any local devices to reduce their expenses and speed the integration.

Five Primary Areas of Extending Microsoft Windows Terminal Services

Citrix XenApp extends Terminal Services by adding value in five main areas to address complex, business-critical environments.

End-user experience: IT organisations need to provide end-users with a consistent access experience independent of the location, network connection, and device type. They also need to support end-user mobility and a wide variety of client-attached resources, such as printers, imaging devices, PDAs, and many others.

Manageability: IT organisations need a centralised and straightforward administrative interface that allows them to deploy applications and manage and monitor their server farms while saving valuable time. Additionally, they need to support and manage a wide range of printers and client devices, and a variety of user directories – including legacy Windows NT domains, Active Directory, and Novell Directory Services.

Compatibility: IT organisations need to deal with the heterogeneity common in today’s IT environments, such as legacy applications which do not natively support Windows Terminal Services and compatibility with a wide variety of client platforms – including Windows, UNIX, Macintosh, Java, Linux, and many others.

Security and control: IT organisations need to provide intellectual property protection and compliance while maximizing end-user productivity with secure access.

Scalability: IT organisations need to be able to support business growth and agility without disrupting their existing infrastructure and incurring additional costs.

In conclusion, Citrix ZenApp provides a rich, fast and streamlined experience for both users and administrators alike, allowing for significant organisational gains for a relatively small investment whilst maintaining security and ease of access.

To discuss your remote access and business application requirements, please contact TNS on 1300 867 867.

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