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TNS have established and maintained relationships with a number of vendors. This allows us to provide you with a wide range of technologies. Through continuous training and certification we can install, deploy and support all the technologies below.

Microsoft Servers & Networking

TNS has been supplying and installing Microsoft servers since Windows NT. We have a long and thorough experience with Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Small Business Servers, Windows Server 2008 and Office 365. This means that we can handle all your Microsoft Server Requirements as a routine action, no matter what they are.

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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange provides your staff with a centralised way of communication throughout your organisation, internally or externally. TNS has been installing Exchange since the first versions and we have a thorough experience in this software. If you have an earlier version to Exchange 2010, we can provide a cost effective path to upgrade, making a substantial saving storage and reliability. If you need a new installation, TNS has the team to implement it.

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Unified Communications

Unified Communications is one of the buzz words of the industry. By combining our extensive knowledge of Microsoft Exchange and CISCO phone systems, as well as Blackberry and other systems, TNS can provide your organisation with a complete end to end service providing you with a single point of contact for your entire network.

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Messaging & Collaboration

In today’s world, being able to communicate effectively between your staff, on the road or off, in the office or out, and co-ordinating skills and resources effectively can mean the difference between your organisation succeeding or failing. TNS, through its Microsoft Sharepoint and Windows Mobile solutions can help you take advantage of these changing technologies in your organisation.

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Remote Access

Remote access lets your organisation give your staff and potential third party organisations or contractors direct connection to your organisation’s IT infrastructure from outside your office. This provides many opportunities to increase the speed of your organisation to react to changes and requirements. We can provide you with solutions from as simple as Outlook Web Access, to Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or up to industrial strength Citrix XenApp servers.

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Antivirus and Security Solutions

Security and Anti Virus measures are tools that, if implemented incorrectly, or with the wrong toolset, can create more problems than they solve. Through our strong relationships with Symantec, Trend Micro, Sophos and Marshall SPAM solutions, as well as our technicians’ extensive experience in firewall configuration and lock downs, you can trust TNS to handle all your IT security needs.

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Routing & Wide Area Networks

Connecting multiple sites into one network provides you with simplified user rights management and centralised access to core IT services. Our relationship with CISCO systems and Netgear, as well as our Internet Access solutions, provides you with a one stop solution to your multi site problems.

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Backup Services

If you lose your server tonight, with all the data on it, would you still be operating tomorrow? Many IT organisations do not stress the importance of ensuring the integrity of your data backup solution. TNS can provide a full solution and also advise on the most cost effective method to ensure your organisation survives the worst case scenario.

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Hardware Supply & Installation

Of course, all the core technologies above are useless without the physical systems to run them. TNS has been supplying and installing computer systems and networks since 1992. Our relationships with HP, IBM, WYSE, CISCO, Netgear and connections to any other solution specific vendor can provide you with a one stop solution for your hardware supply and installation.

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