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Don’t Help the Hacker

Using WiFi? Great, isn’t it!!

It’s just SO convenient – don’t need to plug your laptop in…. use it anywhere – in a café, in the train… anywhere in your house.

There is just ONE little catch – so can anyone else….! The person at the next table, the guy in his car outside your house…. UNLESS !!!

Unless you have a bit of security enabled.

Hacking is becoming SO easy – a hacker can crack your PC in minutes, and get all your data UNLESS !!

Unless you have good security – and a good password. Why make life easy for the hackers? Are you one of the millions using “Password1”? Or did you just leave the default password on your modem / router? Of course, there are only a few million passwords just like yours, so it would be VERY difficult for a hacker to get in… NOT!!

And your home router’s SSID – I guess you DID change it from the default? And you DID disable SSID broadcasting (unless you want to send your router’s name to everyone else in the street… )

And you DID enable MAC address filtering… and you DID enable the firewalls that are built into your system… and you DO turn your router off when you’re not at home…

Oh – you DON’T? Good luck !!

And finally – passwords. “Too hard to remember…” is the usual excuse – that’s fine – just write it on a postit note and stick it on your screen – or make it a bit harder, and hide it in a secure place – under your keyboard will do, won’t it? Oh yeah!

Seriously though… you CAN make your systems a bit more secure. DO take a good look at how things are set up. DO take a minute or two to come up with a complex password that will take more than a few minutes to crack.

… oh – and as a hint for your password – use a combination of numbers, symbols and characters… Base them on things YOU can easily recall and that you can create a hint for.

Went to New York in 2004? What about Noo-2004-Yawk? Hint … where-when-where. What was your first car? Use Hold-1953-on! – work out your own hint… First pet? 2004Sam-the-Dog…

Oh – and DO change your password – maybe the second trip – the second car, the second pet.

Change your passwords regularly and store them as hardcopy, but not in your wallet or stuck on your computer!

Remember, the easiest way to protect your data from outside attack is to make your defence system more complicated.

… and if you can’t decide what to do – call us. We can help. After all, we ARE called Total Network Support.

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