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Excess data usage costing you thousands per month?

We’ve had a number of clients receive (to their horror) excess internet download bills in the thousands of dollars¬† for a single month.

Almost invariably, this is a result of having too low a download limit on their internet plan.

Due to the increasing use of the internet to download essential operating system, application and antivirus updates and patches for your servers and computers, as well as the increased use of large email attachments (and of course, the occasional downloading of music and video clips by client staff), we recommend an absolute minimum of 50GB download limit on your business internet plan.

Speak to your Internet Service Provider urgently to discuss your current data plan and amend it as required.

With ISPs all desperate to keep their clients before the NBN rollout, you won’t have a better time than now to bargain for the best deal.

Also, ensure that your provider has an early warning system of some sort to notify you when you are close to approaching the limit, or an automatic means of restricting download.

Finally, ensure that your business has an internal internet usage policy in place, and that your staff are aware of the costs they may incur should they not adhere to this policy.

Should you require assistance please call us on 1300 867 867.

 (TNS uses and recommends WebMarshal to monitor and manage internet usage Рtalk to us about it)

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