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Holiday Period, a good time for routine maintenance?

As Christmas is fast approaching, now is the time to start considering the impact the ’silly season’ may have on your IT environment.

Each year in November, Total Network Support sends out a checklist to assist our clients in ensuring their systems are protected during this period, and even better, still running when work resumes in January.

The holiday period may also be the ideal time to perform routine maintenance tasks, including increasing the server storage capacity, performing an offline defrag of exchange, or deploying new functionality. As these tasks are best done when no users are connected, the holiday period is often the best time to schedule these tasks.


2) Make a complete verified backup of the entire server—Including system and program files as well as data. Make sure the back-up device is readable by carrying out a test restore of non-essential files.

3) Make a separate backup of your Finance/Accounting system—If your Finance/Accounting system has its own backup system, RUN that backup and make a copy. It’s worthwhile sending a copy of this backup to your accountant, just in case.

4) Make sure someone takes the backup tape/disk off-site—Ensure they don’t carry it next to their mobile phone (which emits enough radiation to corrupt your data), or expose it to sunlight or high temperatures in the back of the car.

5) Modify your daily backup routine – As there will probably be no-one at your office to change daily backup tapes, we recommend you create a new backup routine to run a full back up each day, overwriting the previous day’s backup. Make sure the tape drive is set to NOT eject the tape after each backup.

6) Minimise the chances of power failures crashing your server —Ensure your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has sufficient capacity to keep your server running in the event of a power failure or “brown-out”. (If you are uncertain, please call Total Network Support.)

7) Check your Server/s hard disks, are they nearly full? Additional email over the closure could cause a server crash if the disks fill up.

8). Server logs— If your Server isn’t backed up for an extended period, log files detailing this may be generated. These could well cause your server drive to fill up and consequently crash.

9) Ensure all workstations are shut down and switched off at the power points, however LEAVE THE SERVER, SWITCHES AND ROUTERS RUNNING.

If you are uncertain of what you need to do, or if we can help you with any of the above, please call TNS for assistance.
TNS will be open as usual over the holiday period, and will also be providing 24 x 7 support where required.
Should you require any emergency assistance please contact us on 03 9682 9300 or 1300 TNS TNS.

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