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Social Networking Sites – Friend or Foe?

Social networking sites, such as FaceBook, YouTube, Bebo, MySpace are being used in the workplace on a daily basis.

Organizations are right to be concerned about the time their employees are using while updating their social networking profiles, poking their friends and playing Scrabulus.  According to a study, loss of productivity attributed to the popularity of social networking sites is costing corporations in the UK £6.5 billion a year.

Banning use of social networking sites is not necessarily the answer – more and more organizations are seeing the benefits that these sites can offer, from recruitment to research.

Don’t fret. You do not have to make a choice between completely blocking or allowing full access. WebMarshal enables the use of social networking sites in the workplace, safely and productively by:

  • Providing rule sets that enable you to define the time and how long a user can spend on social networking sites
  • Controlling the content users can upload and download to the web in realtime, preventing breach of confidentiality
  • Stopping internet bandwidth waste

Don’t let social networking sites become your worst enemy! 

Call TNS on 1300 867 867 to discover how M86 Security Software can benefit your business.

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