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If your server failed today – Would you be in business tomorrow?

The Problem:What happens to your business if your file server dies and you lose access to all your data?

Would you be back in business tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Never??

One of the biggest challenges companies face is how to ensure business continuity following a server failure.

Backing up your data is one thing, however, restoring your server in the event of a server failure or operating system corruption takes time – time you may not have.

TNS has thoroughly tested and is now able to offer a Business Recovery service, based on the recently released Storagecraft ShadowProtect v 4.0 solution.

This provides incredibly fast and reliable disaster recovery, with business restoration in as little as 10 minutes from a catastrophic server failure.

The Risk:
While regular daily backups protect your data, they do not allow resumption of normal operations quickly and efficiently should your servers need recovery, requiring possible re-installation of operating systems and subsequent restoration of the last good backup.
Even worse, if your file server is beyond repair, or spare parts cannot be obtained, you may be offline for days.
And, while your network is offline, you will have no access to email, files, accounting systems or banking data during the entire restoration process.

The Solution:
The TNS Business Recovery solution allows your business to be up and running in as little as 15 minutes, providing you with full access to all data and emails, while giving TNS time to repair and restore your original servers / systems.
ShadowProtect backs up and changes to your information as often as every 15 minutes, minimizing the potential loss of information to the last backup.
We are offering three Business Recovery options for you to consider depending on your current infrastructure and requirements. All three are inclusive of all hardware and software to provide a complete solution.

Why are we telling you this?
Recently a client with a live booking system had a catastrophic server failure, losing all data, emails and information on bookings and accounts. As they had recently deployed the TNS Business Recovery Option, TNS were able to restore functionality to the business in under 1 hour on a temporary machine with access to all systems, emails and bookings. This is TRUE Business Recovery!

With the Holiday Season fast approaching , isn’t it time you think about insurance on your data? What if you were to come back from the holidays and all your business data is lost? How would your business survive?
Like insurance against theft, most people don’t consider full insurance until after they need it. Being proactive is the only way to guarantee business continuity.

Talk to your TNS Solutions Consultant today about our special bundle pricing, and protect your ability to continue doing business in the event of a catastrophic failure.

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