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Is Your Business Insurance Current?

Could you cope if you lost all your computerised business records?

If your file server crashed, how long could you survive with no customer or supplier records, and no banking or cashbook details?

What if you had a fire? Would your business be able to carry on?

Do you just back up your “data” only, but not the whole computer that it’s stored on? Or do you just backup your data once a week, or whenever you remember?

Don’t risk your business – talk to us about ShadowProtect® – by far the best backup program currently available. ShadowProtect® takes a fully automatic backup of your PC or file server to either a locally connected drive, to another computer or to the cloud, and then replicates that backup to a second location – all automatically.

And there’s more! ShadowProtect® allows you to automatically take incremental backups as often as every 15 minutes thereafter – so even if you totally destroy a file, you can go back to the most recent incremental copy and restore in just a minute or two.

We were so impressed with ShadowProtect® that we’ve installed it on all our file servers and all business critical PCs – and it’s saved us hours of work when the inevitable mistake occurs and we need to recover a lost file.

And there is STILL more! As you have no doubt experienced, if you need to recover from a total disaster – and the original equipment your programs were on no longer works – you can restore EVERYTHING to totally new, different equipment and have a replacement file server running in just a few hours, or a virtual copy of the lost server running in just a few minutes! We’ve had a few clients suffer exactly this kind of disaster – and we’ve got them up and running again on temporary replacement equipment in just a few hours!

Want to know more? Call us on 1300 TNS TNS and speak to our ShadowProtect® experts for the best business insurance plan you’re ever likely to see.

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