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Malware warning – What would you do?

Over recent months and 5 million computers later, an incredibly damaging and disruptive piece of malware has been highlighted as a growing risk to all users of Windows-based machines. This threat is known as the ‘Conficker worm’, and due to the changing nature of the worm, Microsoft and the Anti- Virus community are having trouble dealing with this threat. Given how de- structive and disruptive malware is to both security and productivity, and as valued clients of Total Network Support, I would like to remind you to ensure that your PC’s and Servers are kept up-to-date at all times. You need to make sure you are patched. It only takes one computer to be infected before Con- ficker will start infecting others.

Businesses have an bigger challenge, because Conficker has yet another method for evading detection. Once the worm is inside a machine, it applies its own version of the Microsoft patch that fixes the vulnerability Conficker exploited in the first place. So a business running a standard network scan, looking for unpatched machines, might come up empty-handed, even though some computers on the network are infected.

For further information please read:

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If we can assist your with this, or you would like us to check your systems on your behalf, please do not hesitate to let me know on 1300 867 867, or feel free to send me back an email.

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