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Microsoft Launches SBS 2011 – Need to upgrade your server?

Recently Microsoft launched their new Small Business Server 2011 range,  a product designed and priced for Small Businesses with up to 75 users. SBS 2011 delivers enterprise-class technology in an affordable, all-in-one solution, with simplified management suited to clients without dedicated IT Staff.
A simple breakdown of the three new versions is below:
1. SBS Essentials: max 25 users, no included email server
2. SBS Standard: max 75 users, includes MS Exchange Server for email.
3. SBS Premium Add-on: As per SBS Standard, but also includes SQL and a second server license.
Microsoft have added new features, as well as improved existing ones to enable your employees to be more productive, while also enhancing information security.

Features of SBS 2011

Affordable and easy-to-use solution – Get big-business features at a small business price, plus powerful technologies customised for small business.

Simplify IT management – One administrative console allows you to get a comprehensive look at the overall health and security of your PC’s and servers, making it easy to manage common IT tasks.

Access your business Information and resources from almost anywhere, anytime – using features like Outlook Web Access and the provided remote access facilities, SBS 2011 makes it even easier to work from any location, at any time.

Increase business capacity via the cloud – The newly released SBS 2011 Essentials Edition now features Integration with Microsoft Business Productivity Online (BPOS) services, providing a stable server for in-house file-sharing, remote access and storage, whilst providing the best the cloud has to offer.

Run line-of-business applications – Any application supporting installation on a Windows Server 2008 R2 should work on a Small Business Server 2011, subject to sufficient resources. Additionally, the SBS 2011 Premium Add-On provides an additional server license, as well as SQL Small Business Edition, to support additional products or line of business applications.
Automate Servers and Client PCs Security – Monitors server and client computers for antivirus status, update compliance and overall security health, providing an accurate snap-shot of the health of the network.
Get the flexibility and scalability you need – SBS 2011 enables you to easily add servers, users and applications or expand into other Microsoft technologies as you require them.

Simplified disk-to-disk backup for business data – SBS 2011 simplifies backup management, providing a single interface to dedicated back-up drives, allowing full management of  backups of both the server and workstations. SBS 2011 now backs up both PCs on a daily basis, allowing for quick restore to minimise disruption in the event of a failure.

Full Client backup – Performs daily, automatic backup of every computer on the network. After the first backup has run, each subsequent event only backs up the changes, minimizing backup time.
Remote Web Access – provides a single consolidated and highly secure entry point into your network. Access files and documents from both inside and outside your business, if and when required.

Mobile Device Support – Integrated setup features configure Exchange 2010 so that you can add Windows Phones, and SBS 2011 also supports other popular phones (including the iPhone)
To discuss how Small Business Server can help your business, please contact your Solutions Consultants on 1300 867 867.

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