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Restore your server in minutes…

What is the cost to your business of losing 24 – 72 hours of data per user?

Business Continuity Insurance from as little as $999 upfront and $199 annually to maintain.

If one of your servers were to crash at 17:31 today – what is the cost to your business of losing 24 – 72 hours of data per user? ( 20 users, 24 hours… hmm)

And that’s only the lost data – what about the time required to arrange replacement equipment and restore a working system? (anything from 24 to 72 hours or more)

How about a solution that allows you to restore your server back to its exact state as it was a few minutes ago?
So, how does it work?

The system performs a full back up weekly, and then records and backs up only the changes at frequencies of as little as 15 minutes.

And, because these incremental backups are for only small amounts of data, you won’t even notice it occuring.
You can even eliminate your tape drive and tapes from the backup and recovery process, simplifying the whole backup process.
TNS likes this product so much that we’ve installed it in-house on a total of ten file servers…and we’ve already saved literally days of work due to the change.

One of our clients in the hospitality industry recently had their main server crash on the Thursday during Grand Final Week – and lost all the booking details for 500 rooms! As they had just installed this product, TNS had them up and going again in half a day, with no lost data…

If you’d like to know more about securing your critical business data from as little as $999, please call us on 1300 TNS TNS, or to find out more please download a brochure by clicking on the link below;

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