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Warning! Microsoft & Adobe Scams

The TNS Helpdesk have recently received many reports from clients regarding callers purporting to be from Microsoft, or a Microsoft Support Company.
These callers typically advised that ‘Microsoft’ asked them to call and deal with a security issue, or provide a resolution to other problems that you may or may not be experiencing.
Using high-pressure sales tactics, these callers will ask the user to provide them with remote access to your computer to fix the issue, usually by directing you to a website granting them this access. They then will appear to be fixing the issue, and will try to sell you unnecessary antivirus software or service contracts for 12-months. If you offer to return their call, they will provide a legitimate Australian Telephone number, usually Sydney-based, which diverts to a call centre based in another country. Users that have rejected the offer have often had further issues or have suffered abuse from the support representatives who initiated the call.
A second recent SPAM attack is currently causing concern, purporting to be from Adobe, and notifying the user of a free upgrade to Adobe Reader X. These are titled “Adobe PDF Reader Software Upgrade Notification, and will install malware should the link be clicked. These emails should be deleted immediately on receipt, and further advise sought if already clicked on.
Please note that Microsoft or Adobe will NEVER CALL YOU DIRECTLY, and do not have any capability to determine errors on your personal equipment.
Please treat any calls as suspicious, and if you believe you may have already been affected, please contact TNS immediately on 1300 867 867. If you have already provided your credit card details, please call the bank and ask for a new card immediately, remove any software they asked you to install, and run a full virus scan to ensure your equipment is not compromised.

Please call TNS on 1300 867 867 should we be able to assist you in any way.

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